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Caribbeancom 021815-810 Kaoru Adachi - Black Mage Ward 2nd Section - Chapter 1

Release Date: Feb 03, 2018

Movies Online 日本 AV

A new work of the "Black Japanese Jav Magic Ward" series which the charismatic JAV Uncensored director who continues to lead the transformation genre always takes the nickname of "demon's documentary list" finally appeared! Expecting newcomer Mao Sana acts as a girl student who wants to be a nurse, Kuri Mihar who is cool beauty continues to perform as a nurse after the previous work. The stage is a dubious hospital full of madness and carnal. There is a female student Miyako Sakura who visited a byte of clinical trial there. She is said to have only one former experience, she is. From the back room I heard something like a female groan. I entered the room with that voice, with the complex mind that was mixed with interest and anxiety. What Miyoshi saw ... .... to be continued

「鬼のドキュメンタリスト」の異名をとり、変態ジャンルを常にリードし続けるカリスマ的監督が手掛けた「黒魔術病棟」シリーズの新作がついに登場!期待の新人・瀬奈まおがナース志望の女子学生役、前作に引き続きクールビューティな甲斐ミハルがナース役で出演。舞台は狂気と肉欲に満ちた怪しげな病院。そこに臨床治験のバイトに訪れた女子学生、桜夜まよいちゃん。経験人数は元彼1人のみという、彼女。奥の部屋から女性のうめき声のようなものが聞こえてきた。興味と 不安の入り混じった複雑な心境のまま、その声のする部屋に 踏み入ってしまった。 まよいちゃんが目にしたものは…。つづく