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Siro AV SIRO-3389 AV entry in the internet AV experience shooting 597 Sho 21 years old college student

Release Date: Jan 01, 1970

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Fujieda Shigozai (Fuji Shigoh) who seems to have come to understand for a moment which is the last name by which name came today. Hidden as usual not to be appreciated, including this time shooting, she is a rotten girl. The reason why I chose a cinema's shop in my bytes is that the movies and goods that are supposed to be used may be cheap. Mr. Shigo, especially with three good-looking girls friends, acting well, participating in the event, of course, wearing cosplay and singing and dancing a dance and raising videos

本日来てくださったのは、どっちが名前でどっちが苗字か一瞬わからなくなってしまいそうな藤枝 志帆(ふじえ しほ)さん。今回の撮影も含め、普段は勘づかれないように隠しているが、彼女は腐女子だ。バイトに映画館の売店を選んだのも、推しが出る映画やグッズが割安になることがあるためだ。このしほさん、特に仲の良い腐女子友達3人とよく行動を共にし、イベント参加はもちろんのこと、コスプレを着て歌ったりダンスを踊ったりして動画も上げている